Spun: Down With Webster

By Connor Sadler

Down with Webster’s music is a blend of pop and rap with distinct electronic accents which create a more complex sound than traditional pop music. Their new album Party For Your Life, with prominent vocals and a deep driving bass, can easily be classified as punk, yet each song has its own rap section which distinguishes the music from other pop-punk groups. The instrumentals are higher in pitch than most other groups, however this is offset by the baritone vocals.

Down with Webster have always followed their own approach to music, creating a varied track list and Party For Your Life is a good example of this mentality. “Circles” is a more energetic song on the album but has a distinct soft-pop feeling — having more emotion worked into the music. The steady percussion in the song dominates the instrumentals giving the feeling of steady forward movement. This softer sound is contrasted against the hard guitar lines later in the album in “Gravity,” which supplements a more punk-rock feeling with lyrical-rap vocals. More than any other song “Gravity” balances the pitch of Down with Webster’s music. “One In A Million” has a unique instrumental line, comprised of electronic and non-conventional percussion, with an energetic and driving vocal line.

Party for Your Life definitely caters their music to a younger, university or high-school crowd, yet can appeal to older audiences too. Down with Webster is far from traditional radio fodder.

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