New speaker’s corner in MacHall

By Riley Hill

The University of Calgary Civil Liberties Association (UcCLA) recently approached the Students’ Union about setting up a speaker’s corner in MacHall. If all goes to plan, students would record 60-second videos where they could speak their mind on pressing social issues.

“What we’re doing is a sort of speaker’s booth,” said UCcLA vice-president events Hurmut Humayun. “Basically, it’s like a full-sized London telephone booth. Inside, there will be an iPad mounted.”

Humayun said the videos students record would be posted on the social networking site Crowd Act.

“It will ask you a relevant question regarding a relevant social issue or you can just speak your mind. After you’re done, we will upload it to the Crowd Act website,” she said.

The club is still looking at exact locations for the booth.

The SU has not yet approved the project, though Humayun said they seemed interested in promoting free speech on campus.

“There was talk about providing a forum for students to express themselves and we just happened to be doing that at the same time,” she said.

The UCcLA was sanctioned as a SU club in 2013. They have hosted a few speaking events to help them get started.

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