Administration conducts academic integrity survey

By Riley Hill

Administration at the University of Calgary are asking students to take an academic integrity survey so they know how many of you shifty bastards are cheating.

The survey is part of a nationwide, 11-university study to see whether students and faculty across Canada are confused with the rules or are just a bunch of filthy cheaters.

University administration hopes that once they have a clearer picture of academic misconduct on campus, they can take steps to prevent it in the future.

Results from the survey will not be made public. However, Students’ Union vice-president academic Emily Macphail said it’s important that students let administration know what they think about academic misconduct.

“The university does take these surveys really seriously. In a lot of ways, they’re the only measures they have objectively of what student opinion is,” Macphail said. “If students don’t fill this out, the university gets a skewed representation of what students think.”

At a Student Legislative Council meeting on March 25, vice-provost teaching and learning Lynn Taylor said that in a similar survey she worked on 10 years ago, more undergraduates cheated in their fourth year than in their first.

“It appeared that students were learning to cheat,” Taylor said.

The survey was sent via email to all undergraduate students at the U of C. It’s anonymous, so they won’t know it was you, you cheater.

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