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February 27, 2014
  SU kills plans for smartphone appPDF files may take a moment to load

The Students’ Union has canceled plans to create their own smartphone app.

Former SU president Hardave Birk ran for president with the idea of creating an SU app two years ago. The idea turned out to be more difficult than expected.
The SU has decided to piggy back on a similar app being created by the University of Calgary.

February 27, 2014
  U of C prof collaborates with human rights project in KenyaPDF files may take a moment to load

Imagine you’re a 10-year-old girl living in rural Kenya. You are sexually assaulted and you report the incident to the police. Chances are, your report will not be taken seriously. Not because laws aren’t there to protect you. The law isn’t being enforced.

One group decided to change this. In May 2013, a human rights network called Equality Effect (E2) won a constitutional challenge against the Kenyan government and police for failing to enforce their own laws.

February 27, 2014
  Venezuelan protests come to CalgaryPDF files may take a moment to load

Venezuela has seen a lot of unrest over the past two weeks. Beginning on Feb. 12 — the country’s National Youth Day ­— anti-government protesters lashed out over food shortages, high inflation and the government’s abuse of power.

Calgarians have taken to the streets in solidarity. Mayda Boberly, a Venezuelan student at the University of Calgary, explained the motive behind the protests in Calgary.

February 27, 2014
  Break dancing in MacHall broken upPDF files may take a moment to load

Campus Security recently brought concerns to the Students’ Union over the breakdancers in the MacHall south courtyard.

The SU has a general liability policy that covers club activities. It provides both insurance against bodily harm and liability for property damage.

Since the breakdancing is not officially approved by the SU, Campus Security is concerned that none of these protections are in place.

The breakdancers are a mixture of community members and executives from the Hip Hop and Funk Styles Club.

February 27, 2014
  Pay more money and spot the dudsPDF files may take a moment to load

If you’re wondering why the hallways are smothered in posters, our student union is having an election. Candidates will go to great lengths to get your attention. Last year, this guy just walked around in a Batman suit with a big sign. The year before, one candidate’s strategy included complimenting guys on their dicks, and she won.


February 27, 2014
  CJSW referendum brings out yes and no campaignsPDF files may take a moment to load

During this year’s election, students will be asked to raise the $5.00 CJSW levy by an extra dollar per semester. The campus radio station wants the money to pursue their plans for growth, but one University of Calgary student argues undergrads shouldn’t foot the bill.

CJSW wants to rebuild its website so live shows are automatically converted into podcasts. This would create a new online archive, with shows ready to stream when people want to listen.

February 27, 2014
  Head-to-head: UEFA Champions LeaguePDF files may take a moment to load

The UEFA Champions League returned this month, offering soccer fans the chance to once again watch the best teams in the world battle it out on Europe’s biggest stage. Last week saw the competition enter the knockout stage. To mark the occasion, the Gauntlet pitted our two most knowledgeable soccer junkies against each other in a fierce head-to-head interview.

Which club do you think is this season’s dark horse to win the Champions League?

February 26, 2014
  Basking in the Olympic glowPDF files may take a moment to load

The Olympic Games are the very pinnacle of sport. No prize in the athletic world, not even the beloved Stanley Cup, can compare to an Olympic medal. To win a Stanley Cup, Super Bowl or other professional sports league trophy, you could simply be a relatively average player on the right team at the right time. To win an Olympic medal, you must be one of the three best athletes on the entire planet in a certain discipline.

February 26, 2014
  Men's hockey team sliding into playoff seriesPDF files may take a moment to load

The road to a Canada West championship starts this weekend for the Dinos men’s hockey team. The Dinos takes on the University of Manitoba Bisons in a three-game series beginning on Friday, Feb. 28 at Father David Bauer arena.

It was a tale of two very different halves of the season this year for the Dinos. Prior to the Christmas break the team had won all but one of their games. Since the break their record is a very ordinary 6–5–2.

February 26, 2014
  Dinos hope to shock Cascades in basketball playoff seriesPDF files may take a moment to load

The future is looking bright for the young women’s basketball team. After starting their season off on an eight-game losing streak, the Dinos flipped the switch and are now heading into the Canadian Interuniversity Sport playoffs as the fourth-seed in the prairie division.

“At the beginning of the year we faced some adversity injury-wise that was mixed in with a very youthful team,” said head coach Damian Jennings. “I am pleased to be making the playoffs.”


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