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By Mike Tofin

Vancouver’s Portico had a good idea for their newest LP First Neighbours: teaching hip Canadian history throughout their album to get better funding from the Canadian government. They also include slow drawn out melodies that incorporate the odd novelty instrument, with addictive, dissident chord structures. On the album’s third track “I Heard There’s Proof,” the… Continue reading Portico

Music duo Jon and Roy revel in the mysteries of Victoria, B.C.

By Mike Tofin

The sound of music will get that much more intimate with Jon and Roy at That Empty Space on Friday afternoon. Jon Middleton of the group hopes to translate the Vancouver Island vibe, things not human, love, harmony and a friend in common: this thing called marijuana. “In Victoria the weather is often very nice,… Continue reading Music duo Jon and Roy revel in the mysteries of Victoria, B.C.

Anberlin knows rock isn’t just sex and drugs

By Mike Tofin

Nate Young is such a nice boy. At the ripe age of 21 he is the drummer for the two-time billboard top-20 recording artists Anberlin. Despite the band’s obvious success, Young and the rest of the group stay grounded even donating their time to charitable causes. “I went to Haiti in May of 2006, with… Continue reading Anberlin knows rock isn’t just sex and drugs

Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees

By Mike Tofin

Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees inspire a sexual attraction to doilies and other geriatric symbols throughout the visual and aural artwork of their brand new self-titled album. Ruby Jean is a wittingly-inspired moniker and a result of the names of previously successful solo artist Rebecca Higgs’s beautiful grandmothers. While spinning Ruby Jean & the… Continue reading Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees

Spun: The Matadors

By Mike Tofin

Being a life-sized douchebag has never sounded as cool as it does on the Matadors newest release, Sweet Revenge. From binge drinking to womanizing, and everything in between, Hooch and his Lucifarian brothers jive their way relentlessly through this album without missing a step. Sweet Revenge coincides with about the same moral equivalency of finding… Continue reading Spun: The Matadors

Manginas in Regina

By Lawrence Bailey

What in God’s name would possess someone to ride a bike across the second most expansive country in the world? "I just got this crazy idea," explains fourth-year University of Calgary student Mike Murray. "And then I asked Pete to do it with me, because he’s the next craziest person I know." "Yeah," chimes in… Continue reading Manginas in Regina