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New residence unveiled

By Valerie Cross

Green marmolium, coffee shops, new microwaves and full views of your neighbours’ activities are just a few of the commodities the newest University of Calgary Residence boasts. Officially opened Sept. 24, Cascade Hall is modern residence style housing. Cascade (named after a mountain range in the Rockies) was designed to accommodate students, visiting scholars and… Continue reading New residence unveiled

Dino lady cagers swept

By Paul Haavardsrud

Articles in this section have a long and dedicated history of searching for a silver lining while shamelessly ignoring the mass of dark storm clouds looming ominously on the horizon. For years dutiful writers have buried truth and objectivity in a sanguine pile of undeserved platitudes and blind optimism.No more. Plucky lyrics from days gone… Continue reading Dino lady cagers swept

Dead or underground?

By Krista Malden

Since 1995, the Multilateral Agreement on Investments has been in negotiation under the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The MAI is an agreement that creates a corporate bill of rights for investors and investments around the world. The agreement will enforce a new set of rules that seek to protect and expand the power… Continue reading Dead or underground?