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Memories of India

By Colleen M. Potter

It has been almost a year since I was in India as part of the University of Calgary Term Abroad Program for Fall 2001. When people ask me about my experiences, the first story I inevitably tell is riding the train to northern India. My roommate and I were on a 22-hour train ride to… Continue reading Memories of India

CIAU: watch out

By Kevin Rothbauer

It was pretty much a given that the Dinos men’s volleyball team would beat the University of Regina Cougars last weekend. All that really needed to be determined was by how much. The Dinos took nine of 10 games from the Cougars, winning 4-1 on Friday and 5-0 on Saturday. The two wins, coupled with… Continue reading CIAU: watch out

Volleyball leader: Warren Henschel

By Jessica Laughren

Muhammad Ali’s famous saying, "Float like a butterfly sting like a bee" comes to mind upon meeting Warren Henschel. At a glance, standing at an imposing 6’4"Henschel, the senior player of the Dinos men’s volleyball team is no butterfly. With his spike of the ball, Henschel’s sting becomes quickly apparent. Vet off court this athletic… Continue reading Volleyball leader: Warren Henschel

They ain’t pretty and they don’t look that way

By Chris Simmons

Back from the deep-end and swimming in local watering holes, the Northern Pikes are getting ready to start a tour in support of their new release, Hits and Assorted Secrets. Their first in six years, the album is made up primarily of greatest hits with three unreleased tracks. "We had tonnes of material that never… Continue reading They ain’t pretty and they don’t look that way

1999 Husky Dino Cup

By Kevin Rothbauer

Each October the University of Calgary hosts an event of epic magnitude. Renowned both locally and nationally, it attracts crowds like no other campus event. The images seen there will stand out in your mind for years to come. No, I’m not talking about the Imaginus poster sale. I’m talking about the Husky Dino Cup.… Continue reading 1999 Husky Dino Cup

Volleyballer far away from Kazakstan

By Laura Glick

The Dinos men’s volleyball team will add some extra depth in their outside hitting department this season–about 6′ 5" worth of depth, to be exact. Twenty-three year-old Denis Zhukov from Almaty, Kazakhstan recently arrived in Calgary to join the Dinos after a six-month courtship with head coach Greg Ryan. "He emailed me, he sent me… Continue reading Volleyballer far away from Kazakstan

Calgarians have hand in Pam Am haul

By Kevin Rothbauer

Sixty-one Calgary-based athletes are representing Canada in the Pan Am Games. Naturally, there are a lot of medal hopes riding on those athletes. So far, Calgary’s participants have been doing their country proud, but until Wednesday no gold medals had been won by a Calgarian. More on that later.Cyclist Tanya Dubnicoff was the first Calgary… Continue reading Calgarians have hand in Pam Am haul