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Spun: Cygnets

By Andréa Rojas

Bleak Anthems, the first full-length album from Edmonton’s electro indie pop ensemble Cygnets, is kind of like a dizzying amusement park ride — fun the first couple times but pretty soon you want off. The synth-driven melodies immediately summon up comparisons to new wave acts like Depeche Mode and the Cure, whereas the warbling, periodically… Continue reading Spun: Cygnets

The Magnetic North

By Andréa Rojas

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re at a masquerade ball swathed in candle -light and black lace and all the guests around you are wearing blue jeans. Enter the haunting piano and pure vocals of Paul van Kampen, whose side project The Magnetic North takes you on a journey through a musical underworld where you can… Continue reading The Magnetic North

Spun: The Nix Dicksons

By Andréa Rojas

Their dads weren’t accountants, their moms didn’t drive SUVs and with the help of endearing sub-Saharan creatures, they want to be your friends. The Giraffe EP — the sophomore release from prairie indie darlings The Nix Dicksons — mostly relies on wholesome, plucky hooks in the au courant style of independent music. Significant stylistic evolutions… Continue reading Spun: The Nix Dicksons

Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean I want to fuck

By Victoria Parent

Sexual assault is often associated with a redundant Hollywood movie scene — the one where the innocent female lead is stalked by the creepy middle-aged man with over-sized glasses in a sketchy van. This Hollywood scene is unrealistic, especially considering that one in four North American women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime, often by… Continue reading Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean I want to fuck

LikeALittle is liked a lot

By Erin Shumlich

The popularity of new social media site LikeALittle has skyrocketed in the last few months at the University of Calgary after popping onto the scene last October. The site, which encourages users to “flirt anonymously with students on your campus,” has gained critics who question what is becoming of the social media world. The site… Continue reading LikeALittle is liked a lot

Spun: Lab Coast/Extra Happy Ghost

Lab Coast/Extra Happy Ghost is the first of a series of records featuring Calgary bands by the label Saved by Vinyl. Overall, experimental noise is the main river of sound, leading off into auditory tributaries of poppy surf rock, mournful shoegaze and over-indulgent psychedelia, all coexisting underneath a fog of ever-present distortion. Side A features… Continue reading Spun: Lab Coast/Extra Happy Ghost