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Men’s Rights comes to YYC

By Tendayi Moyo

The group behind Edmonton’s controversial “Don’t be that girl” posters has brought its message south. Early this September, Men’s Rights Edmonton, a group of self-proclaimed men’s rights activists, expanded its organization to Calgary. A founding member of the group — who only gave the alias Raz — said they are now looking to grow. “We… Continue reading Men’s Rights comes to YYC


By Salimah Kassamali

Against BSD Bermuda Shorts Day: a celebration for the masses? More like a celebration for deluded, post-teen, first-year partiers — those who would rather drink their calories than eat them. For those who have never experienced BSD, consider yourself lucky. Imagine 10,000 rambunctious students partying in one area. Imagine a quarter of those people throwing… Continue reading BSD! BSD! BSD! BSD!