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Chosen to make the tough calls

By Collin Gallant

Unlike most sane people, I spent Sunday afternoon watching the first Progressive Conservative Leadership Debate. Please keep reading. I promise it won’t be stale analysis.If you didn’t see the debate (and you most likely did not), you didn’t miss much. As in many leadership debates, most candidates toed the party line and let phrasing draw… Continue reading Chosen to make the tough calls

Election goes to dogs

By Benedict Arnold

Sitting in his normal spot, the MacEwan Student Centre Guide Dog realized that the results of the Gauntlet Tier One Election were completely meaningless to him. "I can’t read!" barked the dog. "Nor can I," confessed newly-elected Co-editor Еvan Osentоn. "That’s okay, South can’t even uncap a pen," replied fellow Co-editor-elect Jan Creaser. Newly-elected News… Continue reading Election goes to dogs