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Girls escape little france unscathed

By Lee Bogle

Elles adorent les petit garcons? The women’s basketball team may never find out, as a curfew was strictly enforced when they visited Lennoxville, Quebec on the weekend. While the team finished with one precious win in three opportunities, this mattered not to the coaching staff. "Results now aren’t that important," said Head Coach Shawnee Harle.… Continue reading Girls escape little france unscathed


By Jeoff Winkleberry

Some sports are just totally extreme dude. Downhill running is one of them. The Alberta Provincial Downhill Running Championship was held Sat., Apr. 1 in Kananaskis Country.In downhill running, contestants are sent barrelling down a wooded hill hoping to be the fastest to the bottom. At the APDR Championship, contestants started atop a 2,163 foot… Continue reading X-treme

Proposal to help TAs net two students tuition

By Ben Hoffman

A proposal for fourth-year students to assist tas in labs netted two students tuition for a semester.The President’s Challenge is issued each year by the University of Calgary administration to seek out students who have good ideas for inexpensive and effective small steps to creating a better learning experience on campus.“We have been very serious… Continue reading Proposal to help TAs net two students tuition

Model UN heads to McGill for national conference

By Scott Strasser

From Jan. 23–26, the University of Calgary Model United Nations club (MUN) will attend the Model United Nations Assembly, hosted by McGill University. The event — nicknamed McMUN — will see more than 1,400 students from around the world debate and discuss international relations and politics. At McMUN, students are organized into a series of… Continue reading Model UN heads to McGill for national conference