11 programs will be cut from the faculty of arts
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19 programs cut at the U of C

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The University of Calgary has cut 19 programs for the upcoming year, including 11 from the faculty of arts, seven from the faculty of science and one from the faculty of kinesiology. According to U of C administration, the programs were chosen because of their low enrolment, as each had fewer than 20 students or none at all.

The cuts were sent to the provincial government for approval on August 22. If approved, the elimination of the programs will be completed by September 2014.

Some of the programs being cut, such as Musical Theory, will still have courses on the subject being offered. However, students will no longer be able to pursue these programs for a degree.
Students already enrolled in these programs will still have the option of completing their degrees.

Some of the programs cut include classical and early Christian studies, applied physics, music history and theory, chemical physics and transportation studies.

Provost Dru Marshall told the Calgary Herald that the elimination of these programs was not related to the recent provincial budget cuts, saying the decision was part of “good management practice.”

A full list of the programs cut is available here.