Scott Weir, Kelsy Norman, Ben Cannon and Ryland Brennan all jump for joy as Ben Cannon is announced next year's vice-president student life.
Michael Grondin/the Gauntlet

2013 SU Election results

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After two weeks of campaigning, the 2013–14 University of Calgary Students’ Union election results have been announced.

Raphael Jacob has been elected as the 71st SU president, taking 51 per cent of the votes. Candidate Stefana Pancic received 19 per cent and current president 
Hardave Birk received 31 per cent.

“I’m very happy and very excited,” said Jacob. “Thank you, U of C.”

Birk was gracious in his defeat, offering kind words to Jacob.

“I think [students] made a great choice in Raphael. We’re going to have a great president next year,” said Birk.

Emily Macphail narrowly beat Tynan Wenarchuk and Hana Kadri for the vice-president academic position, taking 38 per cent of the votes. Wenarchuk took 37 per cent of the votes and Kadri received 25 per cent.

“I think the biggest surprise tonight is VP academic,” said current arts representative Kelsy Norman. “Emily Macphail finally came through. She’s run in so many elections and she won this year. Hard work pays off and she’s proof of that.”

Current vice-president academic Kenya-Jade Pinto is confident in Macphail’s ability to do the job.

“We were lucky to have a slate of candidates for vice-president academic who were all so incredibly qualified in their own right,” said Pinto. “Emily will do a great job and will be supported by incredible staff.”

Ben Cannon took the vice-president student life position over Mallory Lupick and Richard “Dick” Gariepy, taking a hefty 55 per cent of the votes. Cannon jumped in excitement to cheers from the audience upon announcement.

“Work on the puppy room starts tomorrow,” said Cannon, referencing one of his campaign promises. “If I don’t follow through on the puppy room, I’m going to be hung in the south courtyard.”

Current vice-president student life Haley Wade gave Cannon support.

“I’m very confident in his abilities and excited to see what he can do over the next year,” said Wade. 

Conner Brown acclaimed vice-president external and Eric 
Termuende acclaimed vice-president operations and finance. Termuende was enthusiastic for next year.

“I’m excited about the team,” said Termuende. “The students spoke and this is what we came out with. I’m looking forward to working with the people that represent students.”

Michael Smith took the Board of Governors position over Sam Adegabayike, receiving 58 per cent of the votes.

Jarett Henry, Zainab Malik, Levi Nilson and Maggie Pham took the four arts representative positions.

Malik was hugged by a group of excited supporters after she was voted in.

“I feel damn good right now. I’m so excited,” said Malik. “I’ve never done anything like this before and for it to come through makes me so happy.” 

Jacqueline Boon, Amar Deshwar and Jacob Nasser were elected as science representatives.

Jay Wang was elected medical representative. Jasmine Chitroda and Krzysztof Iwanicki took the two business representative positions.

The other faculty representatives were all acclaimed for their positions.

A referendum to increase the Gauntlet’s levy failed to pass with 57 per cent of students voting against the increase.

Former SU president Dylan Jones attended the announcement at The Den, offering advice to the future executive. 

“Never forget what your number one priority is, why you’re really here — it’s to represent the student body,” said Jones. “If you ever feel tension, bring yourself back to the reason why you are there.”