Snowed out. The line-up for BSD wristbands disperses after the announcement the event will be moved indoors where attendance is limited by fire and safety regulations.
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BSD, a newly exclusive party

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Due to unforeseen weather conditions, the Students' Union has decided to limit access to Bermuda Shorts Day, which has been moved to indoors.

The year-end party, which many students look forward to, features a beer garden and live bands. It is also one of the SU's biggest profit-generating events.

"We had to move it indoors," said SU Vice President Events Richard Bergen. "Look at the weather outside. We spent this whole morning meeting about it."

The move indoors has forced the SU to limit the amount of people who can attend due to safety and fire restrictions. Bergen noted that the limitation was disappointing, because it blocks access for an additional 4,000 people that the outdoor space could accommodate.

"We have restrictions put on us as to how many people can be in there, " Bergen said. "We're over capacity."

The new location for the party is in the MacEwan Hall and Den area. Space concerns will also limit entrance requirements.

"We expect there is going to be a lineup," Bergen said. "We're going to try to encourage people to be calm and sober when they show up. Just because you have a wristband, don't expect to get in."

The general response to the decision was disappointment.

"I'm pretty choked, man," said Brandon Klug, a student who was standing outside the closed lineup. "This was supposed to be for all of the students. [I think they should] push the snow aside. Give 'er."

"I would give anyone a sexual favour for a wristband right now," said Genesis Juat, another student waiting beside the former lineup.




I'd like to point out that BSD is NOT one of the SU's biggest profit generators. In fact, on a good year, BSD does little more than break even. On a bad year such as this, thousands of dollars can be lost. The event is free, yet the amount of money spent on bands, sound, lights, staff, set up and other costs associated with 5000 drunk people coming on campus is huge. This is not a money making event.

Exactly. That's why the stupid Students' Union should do something about this. Weather? Who cares. I'm sure people will drink outside. Oh, what about the bands, you ask? Put them inside. Want to see the band? Go inside. If BSD generates very low revenue, then why would you cut off the amount of people that can attend? You're just kicking yourselves in the asses. It's okay, though. We expect this from our SU. Why? Because you guys fucking suck.

Isn't BSD for first years anyway?

There is more than enough room inside for all the first years.

I could imagine going to BSD after my first year in university.

The whole thing seems a little to high school for me.

Travis you're an idiot! Simple as that. BSD is for anyone and everyone on campus that wants to celebrate the end of another year of classes. Have you even been to a BSD before? Because if you think that it's just for 1st years, you are sadly mistaken.

My apologies, I didn't mean to write something false in the paper about BSD. Sorry if this skewed anyone's opinion or caused harm in any way.