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Chinese Democracy is finally coming out!

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And then Axel said, let there be soda. After 14 years and $13 million, Guns N' Roses are set to release their album Nov. 23, much to the dismay of Dr. Pepper. A while ago Dr. Pepper promised that if GnR actually released the anticipated album before 2008's end, they would give every American a free bottle of their pop. This is just another publicity stunt trying to salvage interest for a legendary band's new album.

It all started with the many, many years GnR fans have been waiting for the album, Chinese Democracy, to drop. Release dates have come and gone, trying to generate more anticipation. This article, among many others, is a testament to the success of their ploy to get people talking about why it has taken so much time and money.

Most university students were too young to enjoy this band at their peak, but have enjoyed them for many years since. This album meant fans would be able to appreciate GnR in real time. But many years have passed since it was expected and the excitement has faded. In keeping with the Chinese theme, the proverb "Distant water won't quench your immediate thirst" is too true in this case. Most fans have been thirsty for too long and have almost given up entirely.

After realizing that their publicity stunt is now generating a negative response, they are going to release the album. Now it is time for the parade of other stunts to spark our interest. Along with the odd coupling of Pepper and Roses, there is talk of a reality show to coincide with the album's release. A reality TV show used to get attention? Unheard of! A show about old men drinking, doing drugs and sleeping with Hollywood hopefuls who know them as "those guys who were famous once . . . you know they made that song about the jungle," isn't so appealing.

Don't think the selling out stops there. Best Buy has bought three million albums from them, for exclusivity rights. This counts towards their sales, so the band doesn't really care what their fans think or if they buy their album because it has already sold out.

When they go on tour, who's going to be in the stands? Their old fans who are now going through their mid life crisis? The stay-at-home moms who will don the leather mini-skirts and crimped hair, raising their drinks in the air? Only the hair is thinner, the skirt does not look right and it's Dr. Pepper in those plastic cups because they have to wake up early the next morning for their big day of adult life.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still be a fan. It's just disappointing that in the coochie-flashing generation of Hollywood this band is just one sex tape away from fitting right in. When you have a strong fan base, there is no need to pull this shit if you have a quality album. Which leads to the question-- will the wait be worth it?