Rich by Thirty

Cream. Dolla' dolla' bill y'all

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At the age of seventeen, most kids are flat out broke and working part-time at minimum wage. They scream for joy when they find $20 in their wallets. Author Lesley Scorgie on the other hand, was a different story. At seventeen she was asked to appear on Oprah because of her abnormal ability to earn a net worth of nearly a million dollars at such a young age. Scorgie is now in her mid-twenties with millions of dollars in assets, and has written Rich by Thirty in an attempt to share her success strategies with the rest of the world's youth.

Whether or not the whole thing is just a scam to accumulate more wealth for Scorgie will remain a mystery, though. Rich by Thirty certainly does not offer a formula for overnight financial success. The book does, however, do a great job of offering clear and concise advice on how to begin managing your money. It covers all the basics, like budgeting, debt management, savings accounts, interest and RRSPs. It goes further than most introductory financial books by offering some great techniques for investing in the stock market. The author also acknowledges that most readers are in significantly diverse financial situations, and offers a catered solution for most of them when explaining the concepts.

This book is an overall great introduction to money management. So unless you are already independently wealthy, Richy by Thirty is a quick read that will be very helpful both now and in future.