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Savannah Hall/the Gauntlet

DIY: Print Making at the WRC

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Burlesque lingerie, nipple pasties, candle making, a mix tape exchange-- these are just some of the do-it-yourself workshops the Women's Resource Centre offers every Monday from 12-3 p.m. A donation of three dollars is not a high price to make new friends, learn new skills and enhance your creativity! If you can't make it out on Monday afternoons, here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to make your own print design, courtesy of the WRC.

1. Make a design. Sketch it out on a scrap piece of paper first, as it is much easier to erase pencil than trying to fix a carving.

2. Once you have created your beautiful design, the next step is to carve the template. If using styrofoam, carve with a pencil. The substance must be able to handle carving and transfer the pattern without breaking. Other options include cardboard and wood.

3. Lay down newspapers under your design. You can also use the paper for a palette. Roll your paint roller through the paint on the paper, then ever so lightly roll it onto your template. The paint should be a thin to medium thickness.

4. Once the design is covered with paint, take the material you want to print on and align it. Lay it down over top of the template then slap it down. Take a spoon and rub the back of the paper or material.

5. When sure that the paint has transferred lift it away from the template and see the finished product!