Federal government invests in U of C research

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On September 25, the government of Canada invested just under $1 million to two University of Calgary researchers that are conducting research that looks at improving eye health and nanoparticle toxins.

The Collaborative Health 
Research Projects Program, a collaboration between the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, both of which are federal research programs, will be giving the grants to these researchers.

U of C kinesiology and engineering researcher Tannin Schmidt received $368,000 for his work developing a new eye drop. Chemistry professor and director of the U of C nanoscience program David Cramb received $583,090 to analyze nanoparticle toxins. 

“Our government understands that research and development are essential for achieving higher productivity and maintaining a high standard of living in Canada,” said Canadian Minister of State Gary Goodyear in UToday on September 25, 2012. “That is why we support original research: to boost innovation and productivity in all fields, including health care.”

The federal government will be funding 37 projects across Canada.