Emil Dulguerov shakes the hand of Lu Shumin, the Chinese ambassador to Canada. First China, then the world.
courtesty Emil Dulguerov

Haskayne student goes to China

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University of Calgary student Emil Dulguerov is set to leave on an economic mission to China this month.

The international business and social sciences student was one of just 32 delegates chosen from over 800 applicants for Junior Team Canada, a group of young Canadians sent abroad to identify and develop business interests on behalf of Canada.

Dulguerov heard about the opportunity through a friend, attended a global leaders centre and prepared an application which included a video, a self-authored book detailing his international experiences, and a collage using over 200 photographs. The book included tales of Dulguerov's previous two exchanges at Nanjing and Jing-Yi Universities in China. Dulguerov is also producing a marketing video to take on the mission.

"I applied, just went full-throttle," said Dulguerov.

Dulguerov will explore the foreign market in China by meeting with government officials and business and education leaders. He will use these meetings to develop opportunities for his sponsors, including Haskayne dean Vern Jones, social sciences dean Stephen Randall, Dr. Julie Rowney, and corporate sponsors the Calgary Airport Authority, and Gen Oil.

"Haskayne has provided him some support," said Haskayne marketing and communications coordinator Lynzey MacRae. "We gave him some cash sponsorship for going over there."

Upon his return, Dulguerov will present his findings to his sponsors and describe the available opportunities.

"It's all about developing relationships," said Dulguerov. "In China, it is probably the most critical facet of any attempt to do business in this country. It's important to know the right people. We're meeting with these people and promoting our sponsors. We're representing them, and doing primary and secondary research to give them ways to enter the market."

Dulguerov, who already speaks Mandarin, said he hopes to use this experience as a way to prepare for work in China, where he hopes to one day have his own business.




I heard he was starting some kind of a hitech or biotech company. He was getting patents on his ideas, but I'm not sure how that went. Possibly the smartest and most creative person I've ever met.