It Was All a Dream


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If only It Was All a Dream. Sadly, this album is more like a nightmarish teen movie with a bad soundtrack. If this is what a California-wide talent search results in, maybe the Big Quake wouldn't be half bad after all. Oh, but they have Puff Daddy producing, you say. Even his prowess at turning out generic top-40, meat-market anthems can't save these baton girls in the parade of under-dressed, overrated pin-ups. Been here, done this.





well i love this cd i think it is great. all gthe songs have to deal with real life. I think they are all very pretty! we need to have some more all girl bands. i love this cd so much me n my girl friends listen to it every day in the car up north. we listened to it the hole car ride home from far away places. i dont understand why they never made a 2nd cd maybe the next cd could be called nightmare. lol then the cd would be about everything in life thats wrong. hard to deal with in life like love, money, fame, death, school anything and everything that is hard to deal with. well thats all! I love the dream cd!!