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Sometimes history is best left up to the imagination

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As I enter the kinesiology complex on my way to class each day, I am mystically transported back in time to 1988. I imagine Olympians from all over the world, briskly on their way to lace up their skates to race. I feel excitement in the chilly winter air and become a part of it, and sometimes find myself smiling at the thought, totally lost in the illusion and oblivious to reality.

Am I crazy?

Am I lying?

As silly as I know it must sound, it's true, and I love it.

Have you ever thought of yourself as the starring role in a novel or film about your life? I do it all the time--it certainly makes things more interesting! When my plane recently touched down at the Calgary International Airport, I pictured the first page of a new chapter of my life. Perhaps I tend to be slightly over-dramatic at times... I also tend to be a little self-centred; after all I am the star of this movie.

These are the kind of things that make my life consistently enjoyable. People who spend any amount of time with me will probably notice that I'm constantly saying things like, "Imagine if this or that happened." If you've ever visited a historical site with me, including the Olympic Oval (which I admit isn't exactly a hugely significant landmark), you'll know that I can't help but picture it as it was at the time when it gained its significance, with myself as a central character of extreme importance.

There aren't many people who can say that among their life's accomplishments they attended the signing of the Charlottetown accord, witnessed the Halifax explosion, ran a general store for loyalists or were found guilty of a heinous crime and sentenced to hang even though innocent, but I've lived through them all in my mind.

I think everyone should try to kindle a little excess imagination in their lives. Classes have started and the homework is piling up already; being yourself can be a little stressful. So next time you're at the Oval, remember to stop and cheer our Canadian Olympians on as anyone but yourself.