Adrienne Shumlich/the Gauntlet

Monks Uncle Tripel Ale: Beer Review

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Pike Brewing Company

Monks Uncle Tripel Ale

Alcohol content: 9%

Type of beer: Belgian-style ale

Rating: 4/5

Monks Uncle Tripel Ale is a surprisingly smooth and complex Belgian-style ale from the Pike Brewing Company based in Seattle, Washington. For those unfamiliar with Belgian-style ales, they tend to be on the sweeter and spicier end of the beer spectrum, with very little to no bitter hop flavour and tons of carbonation. This makes for a top-notch summer beer. Monks Uncle Tripel Ale definitely doesn’t shy away from the sweet and spicy nature of traditional Belgian ales. 

The first thing you will notice about the odour of this beer is the very sweet and playful bubblegum smell. Then come the notes of banana, clove and yeast, which go with Belgian ale like Thursdens go with an immense feeling of shame on Friday mornings.

All of that fancy smell stuff is great, but the real highlight of this beer is its alcohol content. This beer is 9 per cent alcohol, and you won’t know it until you’re making out with the smelly kid from your bio lab while not giving a single fuck. 

This beer is deadly. It drinks extremely smooth, and doesn’t have the overly sweet taste of stronger beers. Monks Uncle Tripel Ale is balanced with just the right amount of malt to take the edge off, leaving you completely blind to its alcohol content. This is a stellar beer for getting day drunk, or simply smuggling into your favourite outdoor sporting event.