Every year we chose a theme to represent the reviewed executive. This year we feature Vincent St. Pierre as Honey Boo Boo.
Dawn Muenchrath/the Gauntlet

Online Exclusive: SU midterm review: Board of Governors representative

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The U of C’s SU is a devoted group of students who advocate on behalf of the student body. They sit on many decision-making and administrative groups at the university.

This year’s executive team have set out attainable goals, but with only four months left in their positions, time is slowly slipping away for them to finish what they set out to do.

Vincent St. Pierre has shown dedication and commitment in his position as Board of Governors student representative. The BOG is the decision-making body at the U of C. St. Pierre, a fourth-year history major, has worked as a student voice on the campus. He helped inititate the Arts Lounge that opened this year.

As BOG representative, he has admitted that he has struggled to find his place among the executives of the U of C, but he is thankful that he can represent students in any way possible.

In his platform, he strongly advocated to fight for students with a “professional, but tough” outlook. His exact goals were unclear, but the enthusiasm he has brought to the U of C has benefits.

St. Pierre criticizes the BOG’s views on tuition and fee hikes that occur every year and believes that more effective approaches towards student fees is needed as well as a reformed focus on quality of teaching, the environment and accountability. He said that efforts to increase sustainability efforts by the U of C are positive.

He voted no to student fees and tuition hikes that will be occurring this year. He does commend the administration’s increased transparency by placing expenses online for the public to see.

St. Pierre is self-critical of his abilities and work on the BOG, saying that he was far too ambitious with his goals and that he did not anticipate how slow it would take to get things done.

“It’s a matter of process. Nothing the [BOG] wants to achieve happens quickly,” said St. Pierre, adding that he is excited that he has been able to be a part of the process. He has been working to establish the parameters of the position for a seamless transition for his successor.

St. Pierre has worked hard to stand out and give U of C students a voice.