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Online exclusive: Testing tolerance at the U of C

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Tolerance, perhaps one of the most significant and controversial concepts in our contemporary society, was the subject of an international symposium held at the University of Calgary.

The three-day symposium gathered international scholars and students to reflect on the subject from Feb. 21–23. Participants included scholars and students from numerous faculties including German, English, religious studies, philosophy, law, history, drama, and art history-and at all levels, from academy to graduate and undergraduate students.

"The concept was quite interdisciplinary," said Department of Germanic, Slavic, and East Asian Studies co-organizer and acting head of the Dr. Florentine Strzelczyk. "We hardly ever come together to talk about how tolerance works in our various disciplines."

The symposium focused on examining the usefulness of tolerance through different perspectives in both discipline and nationality. ""Tolerance should be a temporary attitude only. It must lead to recognition. " stated its adopted motto a quotation from Goethe. "To tolerate is to insult."

Tolerance represented one of the key concepts of the enlightenment and these historical perspectives were acknowledged in a comparative sense between both Europe and North America. Recognizing the significance of tolerance with respect to Germany in the twentieth century is of particular importance stated Strzelczyk. Contemporary society was also a principal topic for discussion.

The conference was not only theoretical though, noted Strzelczyk. The symposium included several practical displays including two theatre productions, art, and music exhibitions. These displays also included a special poster exhibition where students in particular were engaged in the discussion.

Prospects for the participants included possible participation in a research group or application for research grants.




So now that liberal thought is dominant on campus, recognition is to replace toleration as that to be demanded from conservatives. Now, I suppose in a few years, mere recognition will be replaced with adoption. My how the rules change when liberals become the establishment!

If I want to be a racist bigot, I should be allowed to. Right Jamie? I'm a white straight male. I demand everyone kowtow to me! If you don't, your advocating for special interests! Special interests are bad!

Do you mean "adoption" in the sense of "adopt an attitude" or "adopt a child"? Sorry, the Right creates so many pointless and arbitrary hot-button moral issues that I can't keep track of them sometimes...

In the latter sense, you're arguing gay people aren't competant enough humans to do something as basic as raise children. In the former you're arguing that those terrible terrible "lie-brals" have some sort of hidden agenda to turn straight people gay, which is simply moronic.

Either way, you're still wrong.