Keep the change for your parking. Parking prices are increasing at all Calgary hospitals, including Foothills Hospital.
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Parking rises at Calgary hospitals

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An increase in parking fees at Foothills Hospital is worrying some University of Calgary Alberta Union of Public Employees members.

Starting August 2003, parking fees at all Calgary hospitals will rise from $45 plus GST to $71 plus GST per month. Starting April 2004, prices will rise again to $95 plus GST monthly. Overall, people will have to pay $1.78 more per day, including GST.

AUPE Local 52 Chair Dan Tilleman sees this as a sign of underfunding by the provincial government.

"It's worth fighting for. If you were charged a $1.78 more for your telephone bill, you'd be upset," said Tilleman. "They're downloading their costs onto the backs of those who provide services."

Calgary Health Region Vice-President Communications Don Campbell recognizes employees do not want to pay more for parking but cites pressure on the hospital from Calgary's growth rate.

"This is the first increase since October 1999," said Campbell. "There is pressure in the hospital site to add more parking facilities. We get $1.8 billion for patient care. We can't be taking money from patient care to build parking."

The CHR is looking into private partnerships to finance new parkades. The CHR would own the parkade but look to the partnership for funding and construction. This development worries Tilleman.

"They're going down the road to P3s [Public Private Partnerships]. They're guaranteeing a profit for a private sector group," said Tilleman.

The price increase will generate $2.5 to $2.7 million for the CHR.




The prices for parking rasing to 95 bucks?! That's crazy!Geez what if the people can't afford it? EH?

We are now in 2011 and the Parking people at FMC have increased the parking rates again. I work the night shift where 90% of the parking spaces are EMPTY. We used to pay $40/month. Now they want us to pay $114/month. This is ridiculous! We are a HOSPITAL! No one should be paying for parking at a hospital. What is more frustrating is that there is NO other option to park. There are no other parking possibilities around the area. So employees are FORCED to comply with the insane parking rates. How can we fight them? I wrote a letter to the Parking\'s levels of management and none of them showed any human decency. They ALL just replied that $114 is the new rates. It is insane. Help! What else can I do to fight this.