Dawn Muenchrath/the Gauntlet

Plans for record setting day of STI testing in the works at the U of C

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The Students’ Union Wellness Centre is looking to set the record for the most sexually transmitted infections tests done in one day.

During the event, the Wellness Centre hopes to test more than 500 students in less than six hours.

“It’s still in the planning stages,” SU vice-president student life Ben Cannon said. “The Wellness Centre just brought us into a meeting last week and gave a rough plan for the event.”

The event would happen in the MacEwan concert hall in early April.

Cannon hopes to send students a simple message.

“It’s easy, free and will benefit you greatly,” he said.

But the challenge is to get the word out.

“All we need is people,” Cannon said. “I think that if we had the time to sit down with every student and rationally talk to them for five minutes, they would be on board with it.”

According to Alberta Health Services, people age 15–24 have some of the highest STI rates of any age group.