Prince of Persia (1989)

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A wrenching phenomenon in the history of Z-scrollers, frustration hit the gaming market like a spike through the crotch in Prince of Persia.

The Aladdin-based story line was simplified to "save girl from bad guy in one hour." What they neglected to mention was that the game was impossibly riddled with juicy spike traps, falling concrete tiles, chomping metal blades and sword-wielding, psychotic guards wearing a myriad of rainbow-coloured parachute pants.

All things considered though, it was an amusing game, and the running and jumping (and bleeding) animations were gorgeously fluid, making players cringe across the continent. Not recommended for sixth floor Rez kids though, as computers are expensive, and smashed computers in Rez parking lots are more expensive.





prinse of persia classic is da bom as punani,i luv it motherfuckerz it reminds me of back in dem dayz wen video games waznt perfect 3D like now but we still loved em. peace.