Striker Steph Hoogveld uses her above-average cunning to avoid a slide tackle.
Mike Attersall/the Gauntlet

Pronghorns die a bloody death

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The Germans have the French; the Russians have the Chechens and

U of C Dinos have the Lethbridge Pronghorns. Everyone likes picking on weaklings and Calgary's women's soccer team did just that when they toyed with Lethbridge for two straight games.

Two wins, 2-1 and 6-3, assured the Dinos a spot in the Canada West Finals, and the team now hopes to avoid their third straight first round playoff exit.

"They have to play their best for 90 minutes," remarked Head Coach Robin "Slot Machine" Slot from his posh Kinesiology office. "They have to keep converting their chances. Maybe playing Lethbridge gave them the confidence to do so."

The Dinos lost in the semifinals for the last two seasons, first to Alberta, then to Trinity Western.

This season, they are matched up against the Victoria Vikes, a team they've lost to twice.

"We need to convert on our dead balls," continued Slot. "But other than that, we should be good. We're not going to get scored on a lot."

G-G-G-Goal Notes:

Men's midfielder Luis Morales on defender Burdine Chmilar:"Everytime I look her way, Burdine's killing someone."

With two more wins on the weekend, keeper Charlotte Sullivan moves up to third in my world goalie rankings.

The Dinos travel to Langley for the Canada West Finals. Lucky them.