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Sex questions with Lesley-ann Barrett

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My boyfriend and I want to try something different and he suggested that we should try sex and foreplay with food. My question is, what are some ideas outside the regular chocolate sauce and whip cream that we could try?
– Tanya

'Well if you like seafood, I was just watching the Sex in the City movie and you could dress yourself in sushi at the table, but everyone is different and you may just be looking for a sweet snack instead of a nude meal. You really have a lot of options with food and you need to figure out what you both find tasty. You also want to be sure that neither of you have allergies or sensitivities, never put anything around your genitals that may cause irritation or an out of order sign. Life savers on the nipples can be fun to taste while you suck and gives a sweeter flavour when performing oral if you travel south. It may take a bit more prep work, but you can core an apple and make rings big enough to go around an erect penis, pour a touch of caramel over top and tada . . . you've made yourself a candied apple, it's even on a stick!

My girlfriend loves it when I spank her. We are into other stuff like being tied up and blindfolded and I like that kind of thing, but she keeps asking to be spanked so much during sex I am starting to lose interest, I start to feel bad about it. Why is spanking such a turn on? Does it really do anything for you other than give you a red ass?
– Daryl

Your girlfriend could enjoy being spanked for a number of reasons: is she usually the submissive? Is role play something you're into? It could just be that it feels good (pleasure/pain balance). As far back as the Kama Sutra people have been intrigued by the activity of sexual spanking. Now I ask that you take off your parent hat, if you have children, and slip into something more arousing. There are nerves just below the tailbone (the pudental nerve) that connects 15,000 nerve fibres right to the clitoris and the head of the penis. When stimulated these nerves send a message that heightens arousal in the genitals and increases sensitivity within the body. As long as this doesn't turn into some twisted re-enactment of childhood punishment, spank on my friend, spank on.





Leslie I work as a personal trainer at a gym and try my best to keep professional, but there is this super sexy woman that flirts with me and gives me her phone number over and over (very flattering considering her looks) and while she hints she has a bf, she still flirts. I hae fantasized alot over this hottie and want nothing more than to see her on her knees giving me oral sex as she has a tongue ring that is such a turn on. She has amazing calves and want to see her just in heels taking my swollen tool. I dont feel comfy alone with her as my rod gets hard just talking to her. Is this healthy to be jerking off over her? I would rather see the real thing but I dont want anyones life changed or a job lost over going further.