SU comissioners Julie Bogle and Pam Weatherbee practice their shining skills, and their shining smiles.
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Shinerama shines on for cystic fybrosis

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If William Shakespeare lived in the present and attended the University of Calgary, he would choose to write about "betrayal, intrigue, plotting and manipulations" in the Bling-Bling game instead of Macbeth.

During the U of C 101 week, different faculties played Bling-Bling in a competition to raise the most money for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as part of the Students' Union Shinerama fundraiser. During the game, faculties collect pennies to increase their points and silver change to decrease other teams' points.

"Bling-Bling has definitely been our 'shining' star," said SU events commissioner and event co-organizer Julie Bogle. "U of C is famous for our ability to raise cash through this game, as it has been integrated into our U of C 101 program. This year we raised $6,752."

The faculty of communication and culture came out on top of the Bling-Bling challenge, she added.

Bling-Bling was not the only fundraiser for the week. On Wed., Sept.6, students watched a movie on the lawn of the ICT building, with popcorn sold for a donation. Thur., Sept. 14, is cover night at the Den, with the cover cost of $2 going to charity. Volunteers will also proposition Den patrons to purchase a "suck for a buck" and sell suckers, candies and tattoos for $1.

Sat., Sept. 16 is "Shine Day", where volunteers will hit the streets to raise money by shining and polishing peoples' shoes downtown, while others will be washing cars all over the city. One of the highlights of last year's Shine Day was the participation of Mayor Dave Bronconnier, said Bogel. He donated $30 and got his shoes polished.

Shinerama began in 1964 at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, as a shoe shining campaign.

Over the decades, Shinerama expanded across Canada, with the U of C hosting its first Shinerama in 2001.

According to the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, last year Shinerama attracted more than 35,000 student volunteers across the country.