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A lot of music is the result of the tragic death of originality, fame-moochers, Myspace hype bands and those who have sold their souls to shock tactics and pop music-- exactly why bands like the Cancer Bats ought to be appreciated due to their rarity.

"It's not like we felt that in any way we were given anything," says vocalist Liam Cormier. "We've worked really hard for this band and we've paid our dues and took the time to have this success."

Originally hailing from Toronto, Ontario, the group never imagined that they would be getting such a strong reaction from the scene in a city on the other side of the country.

"The first time that we played Calgary was probably one of the most epic times," Cormier says. "We played a hall show at a community centre. It was a record release show for a local Calgary band and it was amazing. The show was packed . . . it was the first time we played there and there was tons of kids singing along, even though our record [Birthing the Giant] had just come out. I remember just being like, 'Fuck, this show was amazing.' "

While these convention benders have certainly paid their dues, even through several lineup changes, progress has been anything but slow for them. In a short matter of time, they were back for another round on the Calgary circuit, but they had not come alone. This time they had come as an opening act for fellow Canadian band, and friends, Alexisonfire.

"We did our first tour and then we got offered our Alexis tour," Cormier recalls. "We actually had no idea that that was going to happen. We played two shows at MacEwan Hall, those were amazing. Those were some of the best shows of tour."

That experience is exactly why the boys have added a second Calgary show to their cross-Canada tour before they head off to the United Kingdom. Originally scheduled as a bar show, the second all-ages show was added after objections were voiced, courtesy of the Cancer Bats themselves.

"We got the offer to do the bar show and we were like, 'Okay cool. You know, that'll be great,' and then I was like, 'The only way that we're going to do this show is if we can do an all ages show in Calgary,' " explains Cormier. "Bar shows are cool, but everybody has to get wasted, which kind of sucks. At an all ages show, everybody's pumped to party like, right off the bat. Nobody has a chip on their shoulder. Nobody's going to be a dick. It's more just like, a real fun release and a fun show. We're super psyched to be coming out and I'm pretty sure it's going to be the best show of the tour. Those kids never let us down."