Sonic the Hedgehog (1990)

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Sega's famous blue hedgehog was created by the brain trust of the Sonic Team, led by Yuji Naka (creator of other games such as Chu Chu Rocket and Billy Hatcher).

In the games, Sonic must battle the evil Dr. Robotnik, speed through zones and grab the rings and defeat Dr. Robotnik's somewhat easy-to-defeat bosses (when compared with other games' bosses).

Sonic has spawned many a game on the now defunct Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast and recently the Nintendo Gamecube (after Sega decided to concentrate on only games) along with billions of dollars of merchandise and three TV cartoons.





In addition to this I feel that sonic has shaped sega into the unstoppable company it is today

as much as i hate to say it, is that why they had to sell out to nintendo? dont get me wrong i love sonic but it shows even the most powerful companys have an achilles heel.

I personally LOVE Sonic and I wish I could meet the guy who made it and play 'em a game of Shadow the Hedgehog! LoL! :) J/K! Yea, I can't remember when the Nitendo 64 came out :) opppss.... Hehehehe! SEE YA!