(Distort Records)

Spun: Alexisonfire

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From the band that brought the edgy screamo/hardcore genre to the suburban living rooms of Canadian teens comes a whole new brand of eardrum-pounding awesome. Crisis is more aggressive and less poppy than their best-selling sophomore release, Watch Out, but still features the same chaotic screams of George Petit and melodic vocals of Dallas Green. The biggest improvement is that the two vocal styles seem to easily flow together and compliment each other, rather than juxtaposing like on the previous records. The new addition of bassist Wade MacNeil on vocals adds more tone and texture to the overall sound, contributing to the already powerful vocals prevalent throughout. With the addition of Jordan Hastings on drums, the new line-up could account for the band's evolution into a more creative, boundary-pushing sound, capable of appealing to more than just the bandana-toting hardcore crowd.