Tour EP

Spun: Archipelagos

Tour EP

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Montreal has produced some well put together bands featuring beautiful vocal talent. Unfortunately, like most valuable resources, it eventually ran out. The aptly named Tour EP serves as a promotion for Archipelagos' summer tour and as a bridge between the band's 2007 album Battles and Scars and their forthcoming effort expected next year. Weighing in at just over 24 minutes, Tour EP is built on a solid instrumental foundation, but features flawed vocals.

Tour EP loves to make you question why you don't quite like it. While his voice grows on you a little over time, there are numerous points at which Jesse LeGallais sings outside the niche range he's worked out with his voice. When well utilized, the vocals-- which are much more understated in the back half of the CD-- contribute greatly to the catchy folk rhythm the songs have. Thankfully, the more intense and loud forms of LeGallais don't often overpower the superb job the band does otherwise. In such a short release though, the undesirable bits might be just enough to ruin it.