Blind Man Walking
(Skaggs Family)

Spun: Cadillac Sky

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The recipe for a country band always contains a few similar ingredients. The mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo and bass all seem to be staples of the genre. Five guys from the Southern U.S. knew this and banded together to form the country quintet Cadillac Sky. Despite incorporating bluegrass elements into their musical array, with Blind Man Walking the band delivers a sound unrecognizable from the other hoot-hollerin' toe-tappin' noise eminating from the trailer park.

Cadillac Sky's second album consists of twangy country lyrics that manage to cover such diverse topics as wandering around, being homesick, sinning, being blue and drinking. If only the band had thrown in a song about a run-down truck or a dead dog this CD would be on its way to number one on the country music charts. The album begins with some catchy fiddle music that is quickly overpowered by a generic country twang. The downward spiral towards depression continues until it ends with the aptly named "Wish I Could Say I Was Drinking," which is what anyone who actually manages to listen to the whole CD will be thinking at the end of it.





Hey Nathan,
Clearly you did not listen to the album. You simply looked at the song titles on the back of the cd and drew your own conclusions. If you had listened you would have heard one of the more clever and witty albums in acoustic music to date. Let me break it down to you to show just how wrong you are.
The "wandering around" as you refer to Blind Man Walking is about how faith is elevated in the mist of hard times. The "homesick" song entitled Homesick Angel is about a premature baby dying after being on earth for a short time and going back up to heaven. The "sinning" song is about about the fact that no one repentant soul is denied into heaven..a fact you should embrace. "Being blue" is the tribute Never Been So Blue about the scene at the funeral of the creator of bluegrass music Bill Monroe. And last but not least, the "drinking" song is not even about drinking. That's how I knew that you didn't even listen to the cd. That song is about wishing you had an excuse for doing something dumb-like writing a uninformed, unresearched music review. Oh and by the way, country bands don't have those instrumental elements- bluegrass bands do. Now then, go back to listening to "Fergilicious" or whatever stimulates your brain and please stop reviewing albums you never even listened to!


Clever /and/ witty? Tarn-ation, you shore' sold me, Clint.

Also, good show on tossing in a plug for ol' JC in there. I'm sure that wont ruin your chances of being taken seriously or anything.

Yeah and I'm pretty sure signing off as Buffy, Vampire Slayer won't ruin your credibility.

Fyi I'm not the 'Buffy' poster if I wanted to mock country music I would do it openly in a similar review to what I did... Anyway I did infact listen to the whole album and while I may not have been as informed about the 'fantastic' songs and the 'originalty' in them I was simply pointing out how stereotypical I saw the music was of the genre. Also bluegrass imo is part of the country genre in the same way that alt rock, punk, metal, etc. can all be classified into the rock genre. Now off to listen to stimulating music.

Hey Nathan,
We really don't listen to bluegrass or country music for that matter. However seeing that someone was really willing to argue your opinion (Clint), and have someone actually sign as Buffy, Vampire Slayer. We figured we would have a listen to the album in which you are reviewing. Now we know what the scuttlebutt is all about. Nathan your thoughts on this record; Now here's a country term fer ya, were about as valuable as tits on a bull. These guys are the new Walt Witman's of bluegrass. How you got this job is beyond me, since obviously you have no appreciation of other styles of music. Swedish yodeling is our bag, but this record is really hip for what it is. Come to think of it, it's friggin Revolutionary. There is nothing stereotypical about this record. If you were educated you might know about the fact that bluegrass until a few years ago would have found itself in a museum. I think its groups like these guys that will help crotch rocket the genre to the top. Two Pelvic thrusts up and a butt slap from pat and max for Cadillac Sky's Blind Man Walking. No, in all seriousness folks Nickolodeons BIG HELP was actually a success this year. Speaking of success, please, seriosuly go out and buy this record, it really is great and eye opening, and will have people thinking differntly about BLUEGRASS Nathan, BLUEGRASS. And everybody against Nathan for "Clearly you did not listen to the album".

-Pat and Max

wandering around = kid without a dad
homesick = loss of a child
blue & drinking = being accountable for choices
You forgot the weather man = don't think your getting away with anything..

Watch out country music. Folks are appreciating lyrics that touch the soul and portray real issues. Further more, laughing and have fun with the human condition. There's no need for some T&A or a beer to sell these songs, the power house vocals and the exceptional musicianship are more than enough.

Cadillac Sky doesn't need a pigeon hole to fit in, they are GREAT. On to awards and a fan base that's building like wild fire...

There's always room for a bad review... it just makes success all the more sweeter.

Woot! Go Cadillac Sky, to the sky and beyond!

Nathan dear,

I really don't beleive you listened to the CD. It would seem you've taken the titles of it as a literal translation of what the song is about. You must have forgotten the old saying 'Never judge a song by its title'. Thats a shame since you missed out on a wonderful album. Not to mention the shabby work on your part. I thought reviewers were supposed to comment on the item their reviewing after they FULLY anylyzed it. Tsk tsk. Someone needs to go back and look at the lyrics or perhaps, get their job right the first time. Maybe you should ask the band yourself as to what the meanings of these songs are? It might help a bit.

As for my dearest 'Buffy',

if you are indeed not Nathan then I have a question for you. Since when do vampires like bluegrass and take time out of their blood sucking to comment on (and stick up for) an untrue review?
Just something I had to wonder.

My dearest Erica,

Since when is Buffy a vampire? I can't fault you for not knowing the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the least you could do is read her full job position. Buffy definitely put her job as Vampire Slayer.
So really, she's taking time out of slaying not sucking.

And for another thing how is anything about the review untrue? It's criticism, not fact.

Cadillac Sky is one of the best acoustic/bluegrass acts in the world and they have enormous talent in both their musicianship and songwriting. To be able to summarize this album in such fashion is simply showing a true lack of understanding of their abilities. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and this is mine. The reviewer sits among a very small minority who do not truly appreciate these artists. I found the review to be quite lame.