Law of the Land
(Smallman Records)

Spun: Carpenter

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In the early years of their existence, Vancouver farm-core band Carpenter was often defined by its members' previous projects--All State Champion, By A Thread, Daggermouth and Speaking of Heroes. With their third record and first full-length, Law of the Land, they'll be able to start trading on their own name.

Like the group's previous two EPs, Law of the Land delivers Mellencamp-esque sing-along rock anthems with an endearing '90s indie-rock edge. The band stretches itself a bit more on the full-length offering, incorporating an impressive harmonica breakdown in "Off The Road" and a somewhat-odd, misplaced trumpet part in "A Different Life."

The album was recorded in Vancouver's legendary Mushroom Studios and produced and engineered by Shawn Penner and Aaron Nordean. The slicker production feels a little less down to earth than on their EPs, but benefits the album sonically with its more polished sound. Carpenter's tendency to endlessly sing about little except the plight of farmers could get somewhat tiresome if frontman Dan Sioui wasn't so damned earnest about it. By the end of the record, you want to grab a shotgun and defend your land--or just want to rock out and sing along.