Capes and Crowns

Spun: The Consonant C

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When venturing into uncharted musical territory, a band can't hide within the comfortable surroundings of a genre with a regular following. Usually only those who can demonstrate artistic brilliance will catch the attention of an otherwise stubborn audience. The Consonant C's whimsical approach to making music doesn't veil a remarkable talent for constructing unique, intelligently layered songs. Their first full length, Capes and Crowns is a sure sign of good things to come for the Consonant C.

At fifteen tracks, Capes offers an emotional and stylistic depth their earlier EP couldn't quite reach. Eerie, solemn stories of ghosts and decay weave their way around the lighthearted, earlier tracks and show a more polished level of songwriting. Still present though, are the stunning multi-part vocals and instrumentation that is brilliantly simple at times, and swells to joyful crescendos at others. The album's standouts include the rearranged "Wait" for its aforementioned crescendos, "Death and Decay" for its haunting beauty, and "Azeda Booth," a cheerful ode to fellow locals for their inspiration.

With an impressive depth of content supported by a skill for storytelling and consistently complex arrangements, Capes and Crowns is a strong debut for a band that has a lot more to say. Let's hope they are the leaders of a trend that has yet to follow.