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Spun: The Consumer Goods

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Political indie-poppers the Consumer Goods' latest release, The Anti-Imperial Cabaret, is something refreshing in the Canadian music scene, as well as being refreshingly Canadian. "Hockey Night in Afghanada" starts with the Goods' singer and songwriter Tyler Shipley exclaiming "Fuck Don Cherry!" before launching into a poppy ditty about hockey and war. Other songs take aim at Canadian political situations rather than taking a tired swipe at the States.

With their folky punk sound, pedal steel guitar and Winnipeg roots, comparisons to fellow Winnipeggers the Weakerthans are inevitable. The Consumer Goods do have their own unique pop sensibility and Weakerthans likenesses like clever lyrics and catchy tunes are hardly a drawback. Their upbeat sound is quite interestingly juxtaposed with some serious social messages. "Aliens Have Feelings Too" takes on anti-immigration jerks and "Serve and Protect, Uh!" is all about police brutality. A nice change from the standard Canadian offerings, The Anti-Imperial Cabaret is perfect for those looking for toe-tapping tunes with social significance.