The Glass Box EP
(Elephants on Parade)

Spun: Elephant Stone

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Elephant Stone's follow up to their Polaris Music Prize-nominated debut album The Seven Seas, The Glass Box is a likable addition to the world of indie music that ultimately fails to deliver an inspired power-pop/psyche classic.

The group shunned modern recording methods in favour of an all-analog process. Despite this unique approach ­-- which as worked wonders for bands like Delta Spirit -- the album doesn't seem to have a unique sound, leaving it lost among an ocean of similar-sounding efforts.

To the EP's credit, band mastermind Rishi Dhir's presence is felt when the album sports catchy-ish instrumental riffs and enjoyable lyricism. Furthermore, the influence of classical Indian music is evident in some of the tracks, but not all, making the EP as a whole somewhat inconsistent -- the two styles blend as well as oil and water.