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Spun: Gerina Di Marco

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Move over Jessica Simpson--there's yet another useless blonde wailing away, but thankfully, this one has yet to catch her big break. With tired lyrics and re-used beats, this Venezuelan-born beauty has little to offer, which is probably why she's virtually unheard of. Though Gerina's music falls under the rock genre, her lyrics are all too reminiscent of Britney Spears bubble-gum drivel.

A graduate of international business administration and music business, Gerina's music comes off as surprisingly unintelligent, pedestrian and bland. Her unimaginative lyrics about a broken heart thanks to bottom-feeding boyfriends and their addiction to silicon are hardly ground-breaking or thought-provoking. Worse yet is it's pretty hard to tell when the current song ends and the next one begins, as all the droning lyrics and boring sound melt together after a while. Some gullible listeners will be fooled into thinking the album is redeemable when she infuses her Latin American music background into tracks like "You'll Be Back," which, guiltily enough, will get bodies moving. Despite a few catchy faux-Latin beats, Gerina is hardly worth a listen. So long as you've heard top 10 pop before, Gerina Di Marco offers nothing new.





May I ask where you studied music? I've been in music for over 30 years and unless you've seen Gerina perform, or if you paid more attention to the album, you would have noticed the magic that she has. Her style and voice have been compared to Shakira by other reviewers (although not necessarily too impressive in that regard) I've noticed that the more I LISTEN to her, the more I can hear influential styles of other artists. Don't get me wrong, she has her own voice, her own style, but if you pay attention, you can hear not only Shakira, but at times Pat Benatar and at others Shania Twain. Then when you are comfortable hearing that, you will notice other influences of Laura Brannigan and then again, Avril Lavigne, Alannis Morrisette, and even a little Jewel. All with that very captivating, inticing and sexy Latin accent subtly making an appearance when you least expect it. One other thing to note...she is using REAL musicians, playing REAL instruments (no overdubbing here) along with lyrics that are in no way obscene...truly a refreshing break to all the garbage out there masquerading as music today.


From your opinion I think you have zero knowledge of upcoming stars whom unfortunately you would not see in a reality show which I am sure you are 100% dedicated and paid for to give your full approval.

Haven you seen her performing live at the Bellagio in Vegas?? I do not think so.

I am from Mexico and I really like her music, you better listen Britney my friend.

C0mments apon Gerina, .....I would only like to express positivity on Gerina's musicc, lyrics, messages, etc.. All of the songs express a positive emotions, sensations, feelings, etc.

Negative opinions will arise when atitudes do not align as desired....(losers).,.

Please don't critizise a true artist in the making....

Gerina's the best NATURAL ARTIST you've ever heard.

mi querida gerina, que agradable super sorpresa ver el exito que estas teniendo en tu vida. me encantaria porder escrbirte y no se si llegues leer este mensaje. que sea lo q dios quiera. de verdad te felicito y me enorgullece ver lo lejos que puede llegar una persona con actitud y corazon! que diferencia a la ultima vez que nos vimos en la puerta de mi cas en costazul. espero que tu esencia la mantengas y tienes en mi otro fan mas! sigue adelante y que dios guie tu camino. by the way, i do love your songs, your outfit, everything...in case u feel like and have any plans visiting your country, call me (0414 746 99 84) bye sweetheart...you definitely rock!

Seriously, I really, really think she just rejected you and your bitter... get over it dude! She rocks and you know it!