Into Your Lungs
(Sonic Records)

Spun: Hey Rosetta

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There's apparently a firm tradition among people from smaller towns in Newfoundland. Whole hoards of friends and family go to the beach, start a fire and play music using whatever instruments available, all for the sake of having a good time.

St. John's outfit Hey Rosetta's sophomore effort is evocative of one of these late night escapades. Like the Atlantic Ocean lapping at the shore, their newest album crests and ebbs like the tides and consistently interplays between folk and rock. Tracks like "Handshake the Gangster" initially come from a very folksy angle, until the electric guitars kick in to remind listeners of the band's rock roots.

There are gorgeous violins and squealing saxophones pushing a rock crescendo that hits hard and fast. After a rock song, the folk side of the band comes back to play. The best tracks, though, are when they meld each genre together. Twin tracks "Black Heart" and "Red Heart" show that interaction, each starting off quietly until the music builds for a more rocking end. With masterful track sequencing, Into Your Lungs displays just how well Hey Rosetta can pull off the delicate balance between folk and rock, while channeling a nonchalant, off-the-cuff attitude.