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Spun: Krista D

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Our world might be a little more bearable if Jane's World had soundproof walls. This latest release by Moncton artist Krista Acherson, a.k.a. Krista D, explores sad societal themes like domestic abuse with all the thought-provoking depth of a cold bowl of oatmeal.

After seven songs of Krista whining about how abuse is bad, there are two songs about how special her relationship is. Throw in a song about God, a slightly hypocritical song about trend bandwagonism and some horribly amateur album art done by Krista herself, and--bam!--you're in Jane's World.

The style of this album is slightly blurred at the edges, which is usually a good thing, but in this case it just comes off as confused. It goes from pseudo-feminist rocking to one powerchord, to strange reggae about salvation, to doo-wop and boatfuls of emo outpour. Even the thematic monotony of the lyrics doesn't compensate for the too-eclectic instrumentation. Of all the disjointed genres though, Krista's music wouldn't be half as grating if she stuck to the folk, or to the more upbeat vibes present in some of her songs. One warm-and-fuzzy love song, "Extraordinary," stands out as the sole highlight, and a huge improvement over the overdone social-issue slush-pile of the other tracks.





Hey! Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it so much. We are available for birthday parties and emo day celebrations.

I like this girl. I want to give her a big hug then let her insult me for a while, just for kicks

this is a vicious article. i'd hate to me in this bad a mood. when's the reviewer's album coming out?

your ass is so stupid i bet it thinks that the square root fo six is five which isnt even true because theres no square root of six and even the smartest asses in the world that are computers can calculate it. you should have mor erespect for artists because my boyfriends is an artist and he can buy me strawberry wine coolers and hangs out by the 711 and knows about how tought domestic abuse is becuase he listens to a lot of korn and also watches law and order.

Welcome KristaD's blog readers from MySpace.

Fans, before you implant any more feet in your mouths, note that the legal construct that enables people to write reviews gives you the right to complain about this review. You shouldn't complain about your own right to complain.

Well, if Krista D abuses the english language half as badly as her fans to, then I've got to think Kendra isn't far off the mark.

Ok, well what's so bad about addressing the issue of abuse. Lots of people go through it and im happy someone was brave enough to address it head on. Her lyrics are moving, powerful, and raw, something todays music is lacking. Lately from the "top artist" all you hear is the conformity of the industry, a.k.a sex, sex, sex, oh and also buy this brand!! Krista D is a real artist who paints a portait of the real issues, instead of the garbage the industry had been feeding us. Thank you and good night!!