Poison Kiss

Spun: The Last Goodnight

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The title and album cover for The Last Goodnight’s latest release, Poison Kiss, suggest that they’re a metal band. Upon a quick listen, they most definitely are not. Previously known as Renata, Poison Kiss is the first album under the band’s new moniker and the Connecticut-based five-piece do their best to make an impression.

Sounding like a lovechild of Live and Maroon 5, The Last Goodnight perform well-constructed pop-rock anchored by Kurtis Johns’ strong vocals. The album’s first single “Pictures of You” is fairly representative of what the band does well: vocals-driven pop-rock bolstered by effective use of simple instrumentals. The problem with the presentation is that the band comes across sound like a lot of other bands, never finding a particular hook or niche to slide into.

Following the re-branding, The Last Goodnight have an opportunity to present a fresh face to the musical world. Unfortunately, despite a few strong tracks, listening to Poison Kiss feels like listening to a tremendously gifted cover band. While “Push Me Away” and “Pictures of You” will likely charm listeners, it’s difficult to tell if The Last Goodnight will develop into something or simply fade away like the New Radicals and other similarly styled one-hit-wonders.