Coming Home
(Island Def Jam)

Spun: Lionel Richie

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From the man who gave us the Grammy-winning album Can't Slow Down, Lionel Richie disappoints listeners with nothing more than a fourty-minute dud of mediocre love songs on Coming Home. It has been almost twenty years since Richie produced so much as a single to top the charts, and it doesn't seem like that will be happening again any time soon.

Perhaps if he hadn't spent so much of his time arranging for his adoptive daughter Nicole Richie to star in the painful music video of the album's "hit" single I Call It Love, he could have brought a little more creativity to bear on this new album.

Not that this CD would be an entire waste of money--the mellow beats behind every song are perfect supplements to the mood-setting make-out music. But then again, if you actually need mood-setting make-out music, maybe you'd be better off putting that money towards something useful, like a self-help book by Dr. Phil.

Unfortunately, Dr. Phil usually turns out to be somewhat disappointing too.





I think the CD is great. It sounds awesome and it's classic Lionel Richie. too bad youre not a fan of good music


We loved you in the 80's and we forgot and then tonight we re-discovered your amazingness... still, hello, and on and on...you really are the man Lionel. If you get close to Texas - we are there. Good luck in Europe - the US is missing out! Hugs, kisses and if you ever find yourself single.. well.. call Austin, TX - love you !
The crew, Becky, Rhonda (Jean) and Michelle smooch