Rabbit Habits
(Anti- Records)

Spun: Man Man

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We've all wondered at some point what Tom Waits would sound like if he was born 30 years later and wore a viking helmet. We can finally find out with Rabbit Habits. Two years after their sophomore album, Six Demon Bag, Man Man return with another collection feet-tapping, fist-fighting gypsy-pop.

Known for wearing war paint and playing rambunctious, over-the-top live shows, the songs contained on this CD make you feel like there's a bunch of drunk guys performing in front of you. Not to say the music is sloppy, but the recordings have an energy usually only found at a dance party or a punk show.

Ranging from deranged rock to gypsy folk to American swing, Rabbit Habits delivers across the spectrum. From the first note, one can tell the album is going to be a different experience with strange noises, gypsy chanting and vocalist Honus Honus' gruff voice. The band incorporates different instruments throughout and every track on the album is a new concept to wrap your head around.

With bizarre lyrics such as "you look bodacious/ in a guillotine/ when you look right through me, girl/ it sucks me down the street," it's at times difficult to understand just what they are trying to convey. That's fine. Who really listens to lyrics when they're jitterbugging the night away?