Sweet Revenge
(Stumble Records)

Spun: The Matadors

Sweet Revenge

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Being a life-sized douchebag has never sounded as cool as it does on the Matadors newest release, Sweet Revenge. From binge drinking to womanizing, and everything in between, Hooch and his Lucifarian brothers jive their way relentlessly through this album without missing a step. Sweet Revenge coincides with about the same moral equivalency of finding something funny about peeing on somebody in the shower without them knowing it.

"I Love You When You're Dead," brings vivid imagery of a bustling 1950s swing-genre dance hall party. Except, you are a zombie, dancing with the zombie love of your life. You are having the most romantic, defining moment of your relationship until the inevitable happens: you swing your partner too hard and their head snaps off from the whiplash. Only those who are satisfied with this scenario or ready for a party will appreciate what the Matadors have to offer.





Wow, what a review...too bad the author has no taste and no qualifications, and seems bent on proving their lack of taste to the world. Good job.