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Spun: Matt Mays and El Torpedo


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Note to musicians everywhere: mixing rock with country is not new, exciting, or a foolproof recipe for good music. Just because you can throw a slide guitar and cowboy imagery into a paint-by-numbers, horribly sung, AABA rock song with simplistic drivel for lyrics does not mean you should. Please cease and desist immediately. If you insist on mixing rock and country at least learn how to write a decent song first. If not, stop wasting our time. Quit trying to impress people by going to a well which dried up 15 years ago.





I never heard of Matt Mays el torpedo since yesterday and loved their song. The Gypsy part reminded me of my girlfriend cuz she just got back no more than two weeks ago from a trip in Italy. I totally am diggin the guitar chords and I like the feel and direction the song pushes towards; not to depressing not to upbeat just the way I like it! If anyone has info. on where to get lyrxz please post your message here. Again Canada reigns supreme, and I'm from the U.S. Good job on your first single; 102.1 should be proud.

Note to Garth, there is no new music
your paint by numbers reviews are akin to poop burgers less the bun,
you are sharp, sharp like a ball

Lyrics for Matt's two CDs are available here:


Cheers--I love this guy's music, especially with El Torpedo.