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Spun: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

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One might question whether a 21-year-old white kid can pull off Motown soul. With his second studio release, Calgary singer/songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald proves he can. Fitzgerald wears his heart and charisma on his sleeve in this unique EP. The album fuses pop elements, funky keyboard licks and a smooth vocal delivery. No wonder this disc boasts feel-good energy from start to finish.

An abrupt riff hooks the listener instantly in "Maxine." The lyrics nudge listeners to leave their unfulfilling love-traps for better prospects. Next soulful, spoken word intrigues at the beginning of "Reach You." Fitzgerald tastefully ruminates a beautiful girl "bagging groceries and fresh produce" at his neighborhood A&P. Perhaps the most pervasive track is "Heroes." Backed by soft violin and simple acoustic strumming, Fitzgerald spills his genuine passion for his craft. This emotionally charged piece describes music, love and inspiration. Anyone with a beating heart can relate to its message.

Fitzgerald is an old soul with a refreshing sound. This is mbf will charm audiences of all ages and ultimately leave the listener begging for more.