The Devil, You and Me

Spun: The Notwist

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Munich outfit the Notwist have been known for their indie rock rumblings since their inception in 1989. The group has wavered between heavy punk, ambient indie pop and electronica without fail, establishing themselves in every genre they venture into.

After a six-year hiatus from recording, they are back with their latest offering and haven't seem to lost their connection to good music. Though not necessarily breaking new ground, the album is a variable one, mixing signature windy vocals with electric and acoustic guitar, surprising strings, driving beats and piano clangs.

The opening track, "Good Lies" features simple yet effective guitar riffs and ethereal background vocals to push an airy yet melancholy feel. Interjecting reverberation acts as an audio knife slicing through the atmosphere, giving the track subtle contrast.

"Boneless" is a great addition, sounding slightly more stripped down with a constant piano rhythm and acoustic guitar setting the stage for a steady rhythmic sound. It slowly but surely builds with understated drums and tambourine towards upbeat accentuated electronic hits.

After the acclaim of 2002's Neon Golden, The Devil, You and Me provides a good refresher for the band's signature sound of the 2000s without sounding like their bag of musical tricks ran out.