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Spun: Olenka and the Autumn Lovers

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Papillonette has a rich, folksy blend of Olenka and the Autumn Lovers' French, Polish and Canadian roots flowing throughout their music.

The lyrics are full of sumptuous narratives as singer/songwriter Olenka Krakus takes on different situations and characters, telling their story.

Some of the songs are dark and melancholic. "Blue" is a song about running away from your problems and feels exactly as the name suggests. Krakus' beautiful voice and the band's soft melodies balance out the sad lyrics to give it a bittersweet tone. Other songs are upbeat and cheerful. On "The Decline," layers of vocals and acoustic guitar create a rise and fall that peaks at the chorus and then slowly falls throughout the verses. "Tennessee" sounds full of hope and adventure.

Each song builds on the one before and adds something new, like chapters in a story. The story has its highs and lows, but is always beautiful and melodic.